An apparel brand that deals in child’s apparel wanted to expand into maternity and post-maternity wear. Blue Caterpillars was challenged with the task of understanding needs of new-mommies and mommies-to-be. We also had to identify the most resonant designs with this target group


We met preggies and new-mommies and traced their journey of pregnancy- their challenges, their mood-swings and of-course the pressure to look good as usual.

We tried to understand that amidst so much chaos, what is their expectation from their attire. We asked them to sketch out a few designs which they would love to wear during this stage


We realised that this is one of those stages where woman is very anxious and conscious and what they need is comfort and appreciation. So a brand needs to speak in a certain tone to them

The tailoring and fit of clothing needs to hide their bulge yet highlight curves and make them look fit and smart.

The client launched its range keeping in mind inputs from Blue Caterpillars