We are passionate about people and cultures and the myriad ways in which we all navigate our way through life. We bring to the table a deep and incisive understanding of people, their underlying impulses, motivations, incentives, and fears. What makes us different are the fundamental principles that are at the root of all our work.

Committed to sanctity of qualitative research, we abide by few principles

Connect and bond with different types of personalities by making them feel special by the way we interact with them and assure that they are being listened to


We always keep an open mind and attempt to reduce any potential element of personal bias during each stage


In projects that address socially or culturally sensitive topics, we maintain total objectivity and avoid any personal influence on consumer


Not just sensitivity in terms of managing individuals and groups, but also in terms of being able to pick up on sub-texts, body language other than non-verbal nuances which can reveal a very different story from the one the actual response


Committed to well-being of brands that come to us with business problems, we have an honest and accurate representations of consumer opinion, not necessarily what they want to hear


To know the consumers more and natural gusto to speak to consumers is what is practiced


How We Do

Fallacies That We Break


Complex filters allow apt recruitment
At Blue Caterpillars, we focus more on detailed field briefing rather than creating complicated RQs and confusing field executives


Long Discussion Guide implies good research document
At Blue Caterpillars , we strongly believe in keeping the discussion guide focussed and concise


Good moderator adheres to flow of guide
At Blue Caterpillars, researchers and moderators do not mechanically follow a guide, they have the flexibility to alter flow of discussion depending on group dynamics


Number of slides indicate seriousness & robustness of presentation
At Blue Caterpillars, we believe in keeping the presentation or insights as crisp as well. It is a strategic output not data dumpyard