Blue Caterpillars is an insight-mining firm which believes in marrying art and science, creativity and rationality to solve marketing and business problems of clients across Asian markets

Our Belief

At heart of Blue Caterpillars lies curiosity, a desire to understand consumers in their cultural context, a yearning to unravel the unknown, and an inquisitiveness to decode the unspoken. The team at Blue Caterpillars continuously strives at translating such observations and research data into cogent business insights.

While being curious allows us to generate interesting insights, our intuitive creativity makes us bring alive these insights via visual storytelling, immersive experiences, and a host of cinematic initiatives. We blend methodological rigour, empathy, and intuitive creativity in all our projects

What we do


Search to discover information by digging deep into layers of culture that consumers and brands exist in. Involves peep into their mind-space and the spaces where brands can influence their life


Identify the collective set of values, ideologies, shifting realities, visible and invisible drivers that shape consumer behaviour. Defragment and decode stated versus the real behaviour by slicing and dicing consumer speak


Spotting new trends and behaviours across dynamic markets. Stage of metamorphosis, evolutions, drifts and creation of new and unbiased ideas

In today’s complex and fast-moving world,
what we need even more than foresight or hindsight is insight

The Journey

It’s pretty important to know where you’re headed as a business, but it’s equally important to remember where you came from, the roads you treaded, the hindrances you faced, achievements you rejoiced and challenges you conquered…

Our Domain Expertise

Our Work



Assisting a leading snack brand in building a communication strategy to reach Gen Z, through developing a cultural understanding of them and their way of life.