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People & Culture

Unveiling Our Values, Vision, and Founder’s Legacy

Meet Our Founder

Sneha, a philanthropist at heart, is inquisitive about people, culture, and behavior, and loves exploring new territories and geographies.
An IIM-Bangalore alumnus and ex-IMRB professional, she has successfully executed multi-country studies and consistently delivered insights to renowned brands. 

Meet Our Founder

Sneha Jain

Sneha Jain

Initially a marketing professional, she transitioned to qualitative research and founded Blue Caterpillars in 2013. Embracing the roller coaster ride of starting Blue Caterpillars early, Sneha remains grounded and enjoys meeting consumers, often participating in fieldwork herself. Off duty, she loves listening to music and spending time with her plants.

Life@Blue Caterpillars

Market research can be demanding, with tight deadlines and erratic schedules, making work-life balance challenging. At Blue Caterpillars, we prioritize employee autonomy, integrating it into our setup to match our project’s natural ebb and flow. We’re committed to being the change we want to see.

Remote Flexibility

Our fully remote setup allows employees to work from anywhere they call home.Our flexible schedule lets employees handle personal commitments without taking leave, allowing them to work on their own time.

Mentorship and Growth

We pair beginners with mentors right away, tailoring work and training to each employee's unique strengths and skills.

Staying Connected

We bond through regular meetings and a Monday morning ritual of sharing weekend stories, maintaining strong connections despite remote work.


We have an extended multi-disciplinary portfolio that offers diverse experiences and ample networking opportunities for researchers.

Team Speaks

We are part of a vibrant insight community and our collective is made up of a group of talented researchers and consultants who serve our diverse clientele. At Blue Caterpillars, we are conservative in joining hands with people. We hand-pick those who have similar outlook towards life, consumers research.