Blue Caterpillars

Decoding Audience Relationships with Comedy Shows


A media conglomerate wanted to understand consumer and relationship with comedy shows. Blue Caterpillars was challenged with the task of understanding comedy as genre and elements that click with consumers.


We met consumers from different age groups, SECs and across metro, Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities.

We asked them to make a list of their favourite comedy shows and discussed in detail about each. We tried to understand what is their idea of comedy show and what elements drive humor.


We found humor is very subjective and varies from individual to individual. A certain kind of humor might appeal to a set of people while it might not to others. Just like people have their tickle zone, there is a kind of humour that appeals to them.

So, we segregated humour into 7 different types and outlined various elements of the same. We also sketched out the set of audience to which it each type of comedy can appeal to.

The client kept in mind inputs from Blue Caterpillars and worked their content around the same.