Blue Caterpillars

Deep-Diving in the lives of women in Punjab and Haryana


A media conglomerate roped in Blue Caterpillars to conduct pre-launch research for a television series. Our role was to contextualize the lives of young women from a Tier 2 city in India and understand their dreams.


We contacted women in their 20s and 30s belonging to SEC A and residing in the Tier 2 city that our client was focused on. Based on our segmentation, we bifurcated our interactions into one-on-one interviews and one triad. We used the one-on-one interviews for more sensitive topics of discussion, whereas the triad served for more open conversation.


We found that based on their personality, women had diverging career aspirations and expectations out of their marriage. We translated these individual accounts into two main personas, primarily based on levels of assertiveness. We also provided the client with potential character arcs for both personas, highlighting their way of overcoming conflicts.