Blue Caterpillars

Evaluating a Digital Game for Kids for Enhancing Snack Appeal


In order to make their snack more appealing to children, a leading snack brand wanted to start a one-click digital gaming option. They wanted to test their designed game and the reaction of children around it. Blue Caterpillars was assigned to develop an understanding based on their interactions around their digital gaming and reaction to the game exposure.


We met with children within the age range of 8 to 12 years, who are into digital gaming. We wanted to capture their spontaneous reaction, hence we let the children explore the game the way they wanted to. Also, we have allowed them to play the game as many times as they want to, analyzing the excitement level.

Our major approach was to closely observe them while they were playing the game, and finally to scale their interest level and barriers while playing.


We have seen that most of the children have loosed their interest in the game because it was low on novelty. Hence the appeal to purchase a snack pack to play the game was missing. We realized that children love to be a part of the fantasy world and wanted a game that takes them to the world of fantasy rather than playing identical games that could be easily found in the Appstore.

Hence, we came up with a few suggestions to redesign the game to add to its uniqueness which might help in holding the interest level within the children. Clients appreciated our findings and took our idea forward.