Blue Caterpillars

Evaluating Chocolate Products for Market Fit


The client, a leading confectionery company, wanted to evaluate the market fit and consumer perception of two new chocolate products. The goal was to understand how these products resonated with their target demographics—children and young adults. This included assessing spontaneous reactions, consumption contexts, and willingness to buy. The study aimed to provide actionable insights into product improvement and potential market positioning.


Blue Caterpillars Market Research employed a thorough methodology involving targeted focus group discussions with children and young adults. These sessions delved into the participants’ daily routines, chocolate consumption habits, and preferences. Detailed feedback was collected on various aspects of the products, including taste, texture, packaging, and overall appeal. The approach also involved assessing the fit of these products within the existing chocolate repertoire and evaluating the participants’ willingness to buy based on their initial experiences and suggestions for improvement.


The study provided valuable insights into the potential market fit and consumer perceptions of the chocolate products. The feedback highlighted both positive aspects and areas for improvement, offering a clear direction for product enhancement and strategic market positioning. The findings indicated the products’ potential to appeal to their target demographics and suggested that with certain adjustments, the products could achieve greater market acceptance and success.