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Evaluating Consumer Perceptions for a New Variant of Milk


The research was conducted to evaluate a new variant of milk, against a benchmark product. The primary objectives were to understand consumer perceptions of these two milk products across various parameters such as color, consistency, aroma, cream content, taste, and overall quality. This was essential to determine whether the new variant could meet or exceed consumer expectations compared to the established product.


The study was conducted in the eastern part of India with women who were the key decision makers in their households. The participants were users of the benchmark product. The methodology included product placement and feedback cycle for both the benchmark product and a new variant, ensuring each participant experienced both products in a controlled and comparative manner.


The study revealed that while the new variant had some favourable attributes like colour and pourability, it fell short in critical areas such as aroma, cream content, and natural sweetness compared to the benchmark product. These findings highlight the importance of these parameters in consumer satisfaction and the potential challenges the new variant faces in gaining acceptance among the target demographic. The insights suggest that to compete effectively, the new variant would need to address these shortcomings to match consumer expectations.