Blue Caterpillars

Identifying the Shift from Paid TV Subscription


The increasing rise of migrating from paid TV subscriptions was a matter of concern within the entertainment industry. A leading entertainment industry has assigned Blue Caterpillars with the task to understand why consumers are migrating from paid TV subscriptions and, how to arrest the movement.


TV is a source of family entertainment, and we have decided to understand family reactions around the entire decision-making journey, which will allow us to understand the family dynamics and the key influences.

Additionally, we also met with the regional service provider, to understand their challenges and experiences in the market.


We have decoded that consumers have migrated to different other mediums of entertainment, based on their preferences. The rise of mobile-based entertainment, surrogate mediums, and OTT has considerably shifted their entertainment need. Moreover, the increasing demand for internet connectivity during the pandemic has also triggered migration making the situation further challenging.

Hence, our brand needed to formulate strategies and introduce highly engaging programs that would be limited to TV audiences and will not be telecasted on any other devices. Along with that a bunch of new ideas and solutions have been hatched by the team which has been acknowledged and appreciated by the client.