Blue Caterpillars

Millennial Hair Colour Trends in Thailand


To understand interaction and needs of millennials around hair colorants in Thailand. To further test the concept and product among young experimentative consumers and understand its acceptability.

Blue Caterpillars was challenged with the task of understanding hair color needs, usage habits and hence fitment of concept and product.


We met millennials from different geographies and ethnicities in Thailand. We identified different practices around hair colors, emerging trends, trendsetters and their role models in hair color category.

We exposed the concept and took their reactions to the product idea. We also observed their application process and asked them to get recordings of self-application and salon application.


Blue Caterpillars identified the grooming needs, latest trends, sources of inspiration, attitude of millennials towards hair color.

We proposed the right product mix in terms of product design, contents, descriptors, benefit proposition and creative hook.