Blue Caterpillars

'Non-Users' Perspectives on a Food Delivery App


A popular food delivery brand wanted to understand non-users’ perspectives on the category, and what are the major barriers that block them from ordering online. Blue Caterpillars were responsible to identify the barriers and also dig out the potential situation or occasion that might lead them to order online.


We have met with consumers across India, to gain a more complete understanding of how they perceive outside food and what prevents them from ordering food online.

We tried to identify the pain points of the consumers that hold them back from ordering online food.


We discovered that, while consumers enjoy eating outside food, they were not at all comfortable ordering online, particularly through food delivery applications. Surprisingly, the constraints were mostly cultural and societal. Furthermore, we discovered that recent media coverage of food delivery men consuming food has raised the bar of trustworthiness.

However, we have also found that most of them were well aware of online food ordering and its benefits, however, they never had the perfect occasion to do that. Hence, Blue Caterpillars devised a strategy to reach out to them when they are most vulnerable and in need of food solutions.