Blue Caterpillars

Reaching Gen-Z for a Popular Snack Brand


A leading snack brand with a great deal of popularity among youngsters wanted to develop a communication that would stand out and appeal to Gen Z’s. They wanted to understand how to speak to Gen Z consumers in an effective way. The task then rested on Blue Caterpillars to understand Gen Z’s attitudes, behaviours, and thoughts.


We have taken slightly a different route in our approach to understanding Gen Z. Apart from meeting them face to face our team understood the necessity of capturing their interaction with social media as well. Hence, we decided to meet with some Gen Z consumers and simultaneously observe their social media interactions as well. The purpose was to make them comfortable in new settings so that they can have candid conversations and openly talk about themselves, their life, their views, and their perspectives.

Furthermore, our team also wanted to capture Gen Z in their own setting interacting with their peers. This leads our team to spot the Gen Z crowd in their common hangouts places with their peers and arrange an on spot discussion with them.


We have sketched three varying personas of Gen Z whose attitudes and behaviors varied starkly, and so did their life aspirations and life goals. Interestingly this also defined their relationship with people around them, their social media interaction, and their interest areas in general. Additionally, we have also identified the common lingos of their everyday life, content preferences, and interests.

We were aware that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to communicating with Gen Z . We discovered that in order to connect with people, our business must create personalized messaging that takes into account each of these personalities and their lifestyle preferences. We have also identified some popular faces among them that our brand could implement while developing communication.

Finally, we proposed a few communication strategies that could resonate with Gen Z and contribute to building the brand’s identity in their minds.